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What do we believe?

We believe that God is Love and knows only good. And the closer we get to Him/Her, the better we can see through the shadows of this material world.

We believe that Christ Jesus was the most spiritually-minded man to walk the earth. His example inspires and guides us every single day.

We believe in and practice the power of prayer, just as Jesus did. We’re dedicated to using it to heal every kind of problem—moral, physical, financial, you name it.

We are. . .

. . .IT professionals, stay-at-home dads, creative directors, retired Wall-Street analysts, internet marketers, CPAs, middle-schoolers, elementary schoolers, high-schoolers, lawyers-turned-care-giver moms, music directors, PTA presidents, office experts, postal clerks, seeing-eye dog sponsors, graphic designers, pianists/organists, former opera singers, tour guides, and much much more.


What is Christian Science?

It is the law of God, good, operating right now throughout the earth, throughout the universe. This universal law always has been and always will be and cuts across all religions and cultures. It’s the same law Jesus understood and that enabled him to heal. The better we understand this law, the more harmonious our lives can be—which includes healing.

Who is Mary Baker Eddy?

Mary Baker Eddy is the discoverer of Christian Science and the founder of the church based on its principles. Born in 1821, she was a New England woman who, from her youth, searched for a deeper and more practical Christianity. In 1866, after healing herself from a serious accident, she gained a profound insight into the nature of God and Jesus’ ability to heal. She then dedicated the rest of her life to explaining it to the world.

What is Science and Health?

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was written by Mary Baker Eddy and first published in 1875. It is the definitive explanation of Christian Science as revealed to Mrs. Eddy through prayer, inspiration, studying the Bible, and healing. Science and Health helps elucidate the Bible and we study both books daily. Over 10 million copies have been sold around the world (including numerous translations) and countless readers have been healed from simply reading it and drinking in its truths.




How did you find Christian Science?

I was introduced to Christian Science because of my amazing voice teacher who was a wonderful lady and a Christian Scientist. She found various solo positions for her students in CS churches and I soloed in several in churches in the Los Angeles area. One of those churches wanted me to lead the hymns for Wednesday nights as well and that’s when I really learned how people put Christian Science into practice. I began to understand that healing was really happening in people’s lives through studying Science and Health. It made a great impression on me. I began my own study around that time even though I lived in a Jewish household and my study was antithetical to my family. Sometimes I would go to the local Christian Science Reading Room to read the weekly Bible-Lesson or buy a Christian Science Sentinel. Looking back, I’m very grateful there was a Reading Room nearby where I could feel free to study.

—Andrea P., Scarsdale

My parents and grandparents were Christian Scientists. My grandparents on my father’s side found it when my grandmother died, as a young woman, during childbirth. A Christian Science practitioner (healer through prayer) was called. My grandmother had stopped breathing and turned quite blue and been that way for about a half hour. Within a few minutes of praying by my grandmother’s bedside, my grandmother regained life and lived until old age. On my mother’s side, my grandfather became a drunk and a heavy smoker as a result of the Great Depression of the 1930s and associated job loss. In the 1940s my mom and her parents found Christian Science through a family friend. My grandfather was quickly healed of alcoholism and addiction to tobacco and never used them again.

—John S., Ossining

Testimony in regard to the healing of the sick is highly important. More than a mere rehearsal of blessings, it scales the pinnacle of praise and illustrates the demonstration of Christ, “who healeth all thy diseases” (Psalm 103:3).
—Mary Baker Eddy

Testimonies of healing

A year ago I wound up in an emergency room with painful internal symptoms. The doctors diagnosed pancreatitis and they wanted to do exploratory surgery. I decided to check myself out and called a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer. Within a day I felt completely normal. A week or two later, the symptoms returned. I called the Christian Science practitioner again and this time the symptoms were gone in a few hours. They have not returned since. Christian Science is effective health care.

—Marti S., Ossining

After the birth of my second child I started to hemorrhage. My father, a Christian Scientist, asked me if I would like him to call his teacher for help. I received a call from his teacher, I told him the situation. He didn’t say much, just listened, and in 10 minutes it stopped like a faucet turning off.

—Joan M., Ossining

I’ve had many healings by depending on Christian Science, sometimes on my own, and often with the help of a Christian Science practitioner. Some physical healings I recall include pneumonia as a teenager, menstrual pain, bladder infection, some kind of nerve problem in the ankles, instant healing of a cold, severe knee inflamation, tooth pain, a sprained ankle (in one day), and an undiagnosed internal swelling. This last healing took a couple of months, but has been a touchstone for me. Through all the inspired listening I had to do, and the moral work to improve myself, I caught a glimpse of myself (and everyone) as the actual spiritual expression I really am—not just this limited person that I seem to be.

—Cathleen O., Cortlandt Manor