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Christian Science Practitioners

If you need someone to pray for you about a problem, any kind of problem (physical, financial, social), Christian Science practitioners are ready to help. They’re on duty 24/7 and are dedicated to the full-time “practice” of praying for, and healing, others. They are spiritual professionals. You can call them, email them, text them, or make an office visit. And you don’t need to be a church member or ever have attended a single church service to contact them. All you need is an open and receptive heart.

Just like Christian Science churches, Christian Science practitioners are found all around the world and speak various languages. There’s probably at least one not far from where you live. You can find their contact info HERE in an online directory, or in The Christian Science Journal sold at any Reading Room. Journal-listed practitioners must apply to The Mother Church (our central church organization) to be listed. They also must have taken an intensive two-week class in Christian Science from an authorized Christian Science teacher and have a verified record of healing.

Christian Science Nursing & Nursing Facilities

To support students of Christian Science in practical ways while they are under Christian Science prayer treatment, our religion provides for non-medical nursing. Christian Science nurses must apply to The Mother Church to be listed in The Christian Science Journal and many undergo training at Christian Science nursing facilities. They may make a house call for the day or, if needed, reside at a patient’s home to support the healing process.

Christian Science nursing facilities provide outpatient and inpatient care for anyone seeking healing through Christian Science, but needing practical support. There are two Christian Science nursing facilities in the NYC Tri-State area: High Ridge House and Tenacre Foundation. For more info on Christian Science nurses and facilities, please visit the website.

JSH Online

JSH stands for Journal/Sentinal/Herald which are the weekly/monthly magazines published by The Christian Science Publishing Society. The site is chock-full of articles on Christian Science, testimonies of healing, and other goodies. There is over a hundred years’ worth of materials that have been digitized, as well as a search engine to look up specific content which you can read, right there, online.

The Christian Science Monitor

The Monitor is an award-winning international newspaper respected for its insightful and unbiased reporting. Published by the Christian Science church, there’s a daily online version and a weekly print magazine. is a website dedicated to listing events, churches, and reading rooms in the New York Tri-State area. It has additional links and explanations about Christian Science. All the current lectures/talks on Christian Science to be given in our area are listed in the “Events” tab.

Christian Science Youth

An area on designed for kids of all ages—from grade school through college.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Written by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, and first published in 1875, this is the book that signaled the beginning of the age of spirituality. You can study it online, download an eBook, or, go old-fashioned, and buy a print copy. We call it our textbook, and that it is—our faithful spiritual guide for all occasions (along with the Bible).

Your Daily Lift

Looking for some inspiration? Your Daily Lift podcast posts a two-minute spiritual boost every single weekday.

Sentinel Watch Radio

You can listen to these inspiring programs by phone (332-255-6789),  by Internet Radio, or at the Christian Science Sentinel .

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