Sunday School — a place to explore God

Kids come to Christian Science Sunday School to learn more about the spiritual laws that govern the universe. They learn about the Bible and the truths locked within it that can keep them healthy, happy, and safe. Sure, they learn about Jesus and Moses and Elijah and Paul, too.

They learn the seven synonyms—the seven Bible-rooted names for God that help make Him/Her more understandable. They learn the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and Jesus’ parables. Not just the words, but their deeper, spiritual meaning—and how to put them into practice.

Healings. . .in their own words

Hurt Knee

Every Saturday I have soccer practice. One Saturday last spring I came home and my knee was hurting. The next day my family was going to the Whitney Museum in New York City. It would be a day full of walking and we weren’t sure we could go because of my knee. After dinner Dad talked to me about how I am God’s reflection and error couldn’t stop me from having fun. Right after, when I walked to my room, my knee already felt better. And in the morning, it didn’t hurt anymore. We had a great time and I am very grateful.

—Dylan, 11 years old

Asthma Attack

A week before my birthday I felt like I could not breathe. Weeks before I felt and remembered what it felt like the first time [I’d had an asthma attack] and I did not want it again. The day before my birthday my Dad brought me to the hospital. In my mind, I thought really hard and said, No, I do not want this claim of asthma again.

At the hospital, before I saw the doctor, I prayed and said to God, I know this is not true about me. I will not let it happen to me again.

While I was waiting for the doctor, I kept praying and the symptoms slowly went away. By the time the doctor saw me, I had gotten a lot better. The doctor could not believe it. They gave me medicine, but I never took it and I didn’t need to take it.

—Kojo, 11 years old

Ski Injury

Two years ago, I was skiing in Colorado with my family. There was a really big jump and my Dad said not to go off it, but I went off it anyway. When I came down, I landed in a split and my leg was throbbing with pain. The Ski Patrol came and took me down the mountain. Later in the day, my Dad sat down and prayed with me. The next day I was fine and up and skiing.

—Ricky, 10 years old

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Children should be allowed to remain children in knowledge, and should become men and women only through growth in the understanding of man’s higher nature.

Mary Baker Eddy

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